Once upon an eyeball and how the nose knows roses


作者:by Bill Kirk;Illustrations by Eugene Ruble


出版社:Guardian Angel Publishing

出版地:Saint Louis, Mo.


ISBN:978-1-61633-467-3 ; 1-61633-467-3

The eyes and nose are neighbors. So what better way to learn about both than through two short anatomical rhymes in the same book. Part I covers the eye and Part II is all about the nose. Whichever one you pick, you'll know them both in no time. uggested appropriate readers age: 8-13

Bill Kirk was born in Giessen, Germany, in 1947 where his parents were stationed with the U.S. Army-Air Corps after World War II. He followed the nomadic lifestyle as a military brat until he attended college and again an an Intelligence Officer for 20 more years. After completing a second career with the State of California and decades of bureaucratic writing, Kirk decided to try his hand at children's rhyme. Most days, you will find him at his computer in his Sacramento, California home, where he lives with his wife, Rita, a Clinical Psychologist.