Rip, the Night Engine


作者:by Melanie Lutes;Illustrations by Eugene Ruble


出版社:Guardian Angel Publishing

出版地:Saint Louis, Mo.


ISBN:978-1-61633-480-2 ; 1-61633-480-0

Rip, the night engine, constantly worries about his passenger's comfort on overnight train rides. He knows bench seating is not comfortable for sleeping. His cars are redesigned as Pullman Palace cars equipped with sleeping compartments. So Rip finally lives up to his name that means Rest In Pillows.

  • There are real and make believe elements in this story about Rip.(p.14)
  • To learn more about the Pullman Sleeping Car visit(p.14)
  • Melanie Lutes(p.B)
  • Eugene Ruble(p.B)